In 1948, James Lynn Bray had a vision. He was working for many years as a journeyman carpenter when he realized that his customers needed more than just lumber and nails. They deserved on time performance as well as a reliable contact for entire construction process. It was on these ideals that he developed JL Bray Construction.




After returning from his service as a navel aviator in the early 1970's Jack E. Bray joined his father. The father-son team continued the legacy that JL began in 1948. In 1973, JL Bray Construction was incorporated under the its current name, J.L. Bray and Son, Inc. James Lynn retired in 1974.





Today, JL Bray and Son, Inc. is managed by its third generation of Bray's with the fourth on the way. The ideals that JL established in 1948 continue to be an integral part of JL Bray and Son's mission statement. By combining on time performance, knowledgeable and reliable personal, the highest standards of quality, and exceptional value, JL Bray and Son continues to lead the construction industry.