City Towers of Modesto incorporates form with function, offering three levels of parking and four floors of premiere office space. The close proximity to the lot lines and the buried debris from previous site occupants made this project a challenge that J.L. Bray and Son was able to overcome.
The Family Practice Center
is a part of Merced's Community Medical Center. The building project included vehicle parking areas and full interior furnishings.
The Merced School Employees Credit Union was constructed and fully-equipped to existing plans, complete with state-of-the-art bank vault, walk-up teller, an innovative computer networking system, as well as all interior cabinetry and furniture. Financial institutions such as this continue to be a specialty of J.L.Bray & Son.
The Kaiser Building combines steel, wood and concrete with visual appeal of granite and reflective glass. The city's premiere office complex is also an impressive display of J.L.Bray & Son's versatility and quality craftsmanship.