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Its unfortunate that so many companies discover the hard way that quality is the single most important economic consideration.

J.L. Bray & Son has maintained the highest standards for quality throughout its five decades in the building industry. Not merely in terms of superior materials and craftsmanship, but also in the kind of expert planning that minimizes long-term maintenance while maximizing the function for which each building was designed.

James L. Bray, the founder of the company, often pointed out that "...What people remember most in the long run is quality." In looking back - whether two years after your project is completed or twenty years - you'll be thankful for investing in the uncompromising quality of J.L. Bray & Son.



Of course Time, is another factor which can affect a project's economy.

For one thing, completing a project on schedule saves carrying costs and escalating labor charges. More important, the owner can put the project to use that much sooner, allowing a faster return on their capital investment.

Almost every commercial builder will claim to meet client deadlines. But few can match J.L. Bray & Son's industry-wide reputation for consistently finishing on time...and within budget.

Perhaps that's why so many institutions continue to rely on J.L. Bray & Son for their on-going needs - whether new construction, business expansion or plant renovation.


The reputation of any company depends on two things: A history of accomplishments; and a continuing commitment to sound management principles.

Today's construction industry is more complex than ever: Securing building permits and arranging financing; Contracting with countless suppliers and vendors; Working with engineers, specialists and craftspeople from every building trade. Its a process that demands a skilled, hands-on management team, with on-site, round-the-clock supervision. Your building project deserves no less. With J.L. Bray, reliability and superior management are as much a part of the foundation as concrete and steel.

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